Successful Conclusion to the Hunt

For a while now I have been looking to get a new job. Not another job, but one that would replace my Middle School position with a full time, year round position. This week that hunt came to an end. I interviewed with an oil company and I wore the +10 Jacket of Persuasion:


It’s red not pink (silly camera). A major find on the clearance rack. And a size 6, my size is double that so I think labeling issues are why something so nice was on the clearance rack in the first place. I love Calvin Klein but I am not paying full price for the man. So far this jacket is 3-0 for getting a positive response in an interview. I wouldn’t be teaching at the college this semester with out this jacket.

Anyway, the jacket was worn, the interview was a success, and today I received the offer. So I will be starting a new career as a customer service rep in a growing family business. New stuff to learn, people to help, and co-workers to meet. This is going to be a blast. And the pay bump will be nice too.

And the good news kept coming today. The college is going to have me teach another class in the fall. I will be very busy but it should keep me out of trouble, at least a little bit…..


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