Review: Magic Breaks By Ilona Andrews

Magic Breaks is book 7 of the series. I won’t recap the first 6 books, I’ll just say you can’t pick up the series from here and you wouldn’t want to skip the others, anyways. The book opens with a nice twist on the usual run down of what’s happened up to this point and why the world shifts from magic to tech to back again. Barabas is definitely one of my favorite side characters and it was fun to read his take on the situation. Magic Breaks is well paced with a good mix of character interactions, action sequences and very steamy scenes. It closes out the arc started in book 5 in a truly satisfying manner, and leaves me insanely eager to see what happens next (Hey, Ilona Andrews, if you have a an ARC with nothing else to do with it, feel free to send it my way!). Kate’s rather macabre sense of humor is alive and well and we finally get a proper look at the mysterious, malevolent Roland. This installment fleshes out some of the side characters as well. Julie is noticeably absent for most of the book, which is a shame, as I’d have liked to see more of her growth as a character. I’m hopeful, given how the book ended, we will be seeing more of her. The sequel, Magic Shifts, releases in August. I can’t wait.


This is a fun collection of several scenes from the series as told from Curran’s point of view. These were an absolute blast to read. His take on Kate and her actions, especially at the beginning of their relationship, is frequently hilarious. Sadly only available in e-format, I highly recommend downloading it.


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