The First Day

Today I started my new job as a customer service rep at the oil company. I did a retail office at a furniture store about 7 years ago but this was very different. Much more advanced computer work and more clerical than retail. It’s been a long time since I was a newbie at work. It felt so weird to realize I didn’t know where things were in the computer program, or what to do with any of the paper work. It was a challenge, the first time in a long time I’ve had to learn on the job. The woman training me is excellent, it’s just weird to not know what I’m doing at work. I tend to stay at a job a long time so I have time to get good at what I do. Usually I’m the one who trains others. But it’s also fun. I’m learning new things and that means I’m not bored. Bored at work is really terrible for me. I have an overactive brain that should not be left to its own devices. Plans for world domination, or if science can clone me a dragon, or how I can get a cabana boy to do housework for me (I hate dishes). None of this is productive or likely to keep me out of trouble, especially since after watching the new Jurassic World movie I firmly believe science owes me a dragon.


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