Review of Night Broken by Patricia Briggs


Night Broken is  the most recent book of the Mercy Thompson series to come out in paperback.* The story picks up with the ex-wife of the alpha coming back to the pack seeking protection and causing chaos as she plays dominance games with our heroine, Mercy. The story is well written with an original villain from outside the classic western mythos. It is a great look at the pack dynamics that are a hallmark of Briggs’ writing. Much as I enjoyed the story I was rather disappointed that, as with the last 2 books, there seems to be no arc carrying from one book to another as there was from Moon Called through Silver Borne. There is a small theme of the fae on their reservations, but it is too quickly passed over to be a true subplot to this story or to really feel like part of a larger whole. Over all Night Broken is a great stand alone book set in a well researched world of urban fantasy.

*I only buy these in paperback because the first half of the series was published as mass market, then the publisher said, ‘hey, look, lots of fans, we can make more money with hardbacks!’ and changed the release format. Now I have to wait longer to get my hands on them because it itches my brain to have half a series in one size and the other half another. It interferes with proper shelving of the hoard, and besides hardbacks and bathtubs don’t mix.


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