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Indoor/Outdoor Day

The weekend before last we had a truly wild wind. A third of an otherwise healthy beech tree decided it had had enough and quit. Instead of breaking off cleanly for me to haul away, instead it half-snapped and hung there:


So, since I was working at home on my lesson plans for the college, and the weather was nice, and, okay, I was feeling distracted, I decided it was time to tackle the problem before it squashed my fence and the poor boxwoods. I gathered my tools (really, you can’t beat Fiskers when you need to cut something), brought out the +10 Gardening Hat of Doom, and set to work.


And it started out so well. I trimmed off the small branches as high as I could reach. That was an experience as every time one fell a cloud of yellow pollen mushroomed up. I still have a pollen headache. Next I extended the handle on my trimmer and set about cutting the two limbs that had broken. This was a lot harder than I expected. First, I’m 5’4″ and even with the trimmer extended fully I was having to hold onto the very bottom to cut the first limb. Second, it was about 3″ in diameter (and 10′ long!). The sawdust went every where. Somehow it managed to stay out of my eyes, but a surprising amount found its way into my bra. I could hear the universe snickering. At last it cracked, fell, and little me had to move 10 very solid feet of wood off the fence.

But this was not the end! The second limb now needed to be cut. This one was at what I thought was an easier angle. I was able to grip the trimmer a foot from the bottom, alas the universe was not done laughing at my attempts at yard work. Because this one had broken more, it wiggled more as I tried to cut it. This means instead of standing and sawing in a remotely dignified manner, I had to set the blade and then do squats to get the blade to stay in the groove while I cut. The universe snickered louder.

At last it was done. I moved the 7′ limb off the fence, and decided I’d had it with the great outdoors for the day.


Frankly, going back in to work on building the quiz for the first 3 chapters of the text book was a relief.


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And the Hoard Grows….

So after months of waiting my pre-order arrived today. For reasons unknown 1 order arrived in 2 boxes. 20150605_162231

Ordered at the same time, shipped the same day, still arriving separately. Perhaps the one book (Night Broken), refused to play well with the others and solitary confinement was the only way to get it to my house. Truly the ways of Barnes and Noble are strange and mysterious. But as they are the primary source of increasing the hoard, I supposed I shouldn’t question it too closely. The arrival of books always brightens my day. When I rule the world new books will appear on my doorstep as soon as I finish one. In the mean time I will use the working dragon’s go to for when the gift card runs out: my local library. But first I have these to indulge in.


2 mysteries and 2 urban fantasies. I will be reviewing each one here on the blog as I read them. Now which tea goes best with spending time in an alternate reality version of Atlanta?

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A Three Outfit Day

These are the exhausting ones. I’m used to two outfit days. Days when I might work outside then change into the Jewelry Store clothes. Or Middle School outfit plus either yard work or Jewelry Store outfit. But today was a Three Outfit Day (it deserves the capitals).

First outfit: The Middle School – Due to a cold snap this one was decidedly inadequate. I spent the whole day freezing. The only upside is that shivering burns calories. I think I may have lost 2 lbs today.

Second outfit: The interview –  Outfit was flawless, interview decidedly less so. I’d found a management position at a company I used to work for. Called up, got an old boss who said he’d pull my resume and application from my applying to the position, and call me if it looked good. Called the next day, set up interview. Went in today only to be told he’d never gotten my information and that no, the position had changed too much since I worked there and I didn’t have the operational credentials for the position. Oh and that there was no way those could be learned quickly, so while he’d love to work with me again I’m not getting hired. 40 minutes of my life that I will not be getting back. I’d rather he’d just called and cancelled.

Third outfit: The dinner – Finally, warm at last. This was my last event as the president of a scholarship committee. Someone else gets to take over now. Which is more than a bit of a relief. Here’s hoping they are better delegating than I am. The woman whose shoes I filled did everything; I couldn’t manage on her level (none of the officers is sure how she managed to operate on her level), but I did have a good time trying. Next year I get to sit back and enjoy someone else’s hard work as a guest at the meetings instead of the central planner. The dinner was good though 3 waitstaff for 60 guests made the service just a little slow. But the company was good so who cares how long dinner took? An hour drive home, and at last I can start the wind down.

The wind down selection from the hoard: The Diva Frost’s a Cupcake by Krista Davis. Great cozy mystery, 6th in the series, I highly recommend all of them. I wish I had the main character for a neighbor, I’d be over her house every couple of days for a bite to eat!

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Weird Workings of the Week

The weekly wrap up of the weird things that happened at my 3 jobs this week.

Job 1:The Middle School
So I will be the first to admit when I was this age I messed about with Ouija boards at sleepovers and such. This is a normal part of adolescence. The great exploration of the spooky unknown with your friends. What strikes me as not normal was having to stop 2 boys in 2 classes from drawing some kind of bargain basement, over simplified version, and trying to talk to somebody named ‘Charlie’. Nowhere in my education training was having to stop students from trying to raise the dead at school.

Job 2: The College
This week I started teaching at the local community college. This is my first time teaching at this level and I was very excited, and my class, though small, didn’t disappoint. I’ve got a mix of students at different levels. And one student who brought his girlfriend to a 4 hour class on humanity. They scootched in just as the class was starting so I decided to skip the hassle of getting rid of her until I could get feedback from the department head. So now I have to email him and tell him not to do that again. I agree my classes are entertaining, but I would never think to bring a date to one.

Job 3: The Jewelry Store
This job involves the general public the most of the three. And the general public is always good for a dose of the wacky. This week’s wacky arrived in the form of a woman who asked if we had any rings. Again, this is in a jewelry store. But she didn’t have any idea what kind of ring she might want. Not even a budget, or a metal. And she got huffy with me because I finally had to suggest she look around for ideas of what she would like to narrow down her search. Apparently, I’m crazy for not being willing to pull out every ring in every case, in every bay in the store in an attempt to compensate for my psychic powers being on the fritz.

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